In a world classed by the survival of the fittest, Dokis have assimilated within their factions for the past 10,000 years in the Zephora universe. An underworld where civilians must fight to survive and garner their power by ingesting the blood of a human heart....


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For the past 10,000 years, Doki’s have been trapped within the Zephora universe, a mysterious underworld fuelled by the blood of the human heart. Zephora was once a flourishing utopia where Doki’s lived in harmony, but now, resources are scarce and survival is not guaranteed. The craving for a fresh heart is not easily satisfied and Doki’s will stop at nothing for the taste of even a sliver.

The sovereign Nekoid and Akuma races have ruled over Zephora for decades, having claimed their position atop the hierarchy eons ago with their superior strength and unmatchable power. With the first pick of the hearts, the Nekoids and Akumas devour the richest and the finest, leaving the rest for the middle class – the Nymphs and Aethers. The Florans scavenge for the remnants.

The only immortal race is the Seraphimas, a secretive class with unknown origin. Only a few have ever existed, and sightings are extremely rare. Without their existence, survival of the Doki’s would be doomed, as it is their energy which powers the mortal race and is the ultimate fuel for heart blood.

In the past decade, the Florans have begun to plot their revolution. After years of famine, they have grown restless and resentful of Nekoid and Akuma supremacy. Although they are weak, there is one power that they can harness.

The Eyes.

Out of the four main eye types civilians may possess in the Zephora universe, the rarest is the Succubi.

The legend of the Doki Eyes has riddled Zephora since the beginning of time. It is whispered in secret and shrouded in mystery. They say that a scripture lays in a parallel universe, one where the elusive male species exists, which details the powers of the Eyes and how to harness them. No one has ever dared to truly seek out its existence.

Until now.

The Florans have embarked on their mission of finally uncovering the truth about the Doki Eyes. Their journey will be difficult and treacherous, but it seems to be the only way to secure their freedom.

(P.S. Don’t let their cutesy faces deceive you…)



The Nekoids (Feline Race)

The Akumas (The Blood Race)

The Seraphimas (The Spirit Race)


The Nymphs (Mystic Race)

The Aethers (Hue Race)


The Florans (Commoners)


September - October

The Build-Up

The first phase of the Doki Division project is to build our community, through various marketing strategies as well as active engagement within the community across our social platforms incentivised by competitions, giveaways, games, collaborations and more.


The Build-Up

10,000 unique Dokis will be minted through our website. Whitelisted users can gain access to the project before the general public. Each Doki girl is generated by code to make all the variations, with 120+ unique traits such as hair, accessories, outfits, tattoos and more!


The Doki Club

All Doki holders will be apart of our exclusive Doki Club which will include free merchandise, exclusive prizes such as vacation trips, development sneak peeks, cash drops, game nights and more!


Clothing Line Production + Doki Boys

Following the minting of our Doki Girls, we will begin production on the Doki clothing line, which will feature our original Anime/Japanese-inspired designs. Revenue from this will be put back into our project for continued development. We will then begin working on Doki Boys, a set of NFTs that complement the Doki Girls EXCLUSIVE for Doki Girl holders.


Manga and Video Game Adaptation

Following the production of our clothing line, we will begin the process of hiring writers+artists to work alongside our Doki artist on our own manga adaptation available FREE to our holders. We will also begin our video game adaptation, in which we will be experimenting with devs and collaborating on exciting blockchain features we can use to reward our holders!



A percentage of our overall royalties and revenue will be reinvested into the project. We will also be donating a percentage of revenue to a charity voted on by our community.

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